Cubic Foot - Medium Mix

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Ships to Canada OnlyOur most popular growing media, now in a serious quantity. This is a cubic foot box holds just over 28 litres. It will let you re-pot about 30 plants in our 5 inch pots(depending on the root mass)

Designed for thicker rooted plants. This custom blend includes sponge rock and charcoal for increased root zone aeration. This mix is suitable for larger Oncidium Intergenerics, Phalaenopsis and Cattleya alliance orchids. Media should be replaced every 12 months to 2 years depending upon your watering patterns.

This product is very dry. We recommend soaking it in water overnight before you re-pot. Make sure any leftovers are completely dry before storing.

Please NOTE: Due to the organic nature of this product we cannot ship outside of Canada.

Here is a helpful video about re-potting phalaenopsis from Brad's Greenhouse.





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