Fine Base Orchid Mix

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Designed for fine rooted plants, this custom blend includes vermiculite, perlite and charcoal, and heat sterilized Douglas Fir bark.  It is suitable for

  • Oncidium intergenerics
  • Pleurothallids
  • Paphiopedilums
  • Phragmepediums 

Media should be replaced every 12 months to 2 years depending upon your watering patterns.

  A 1 litre bag will report 2 4 inch pots ( or 1.5 5 inch pots)
  A 3 litre bag will re-pot 4 five inch pots.
  A cubic foot box (28 litres) will re-pot 36 five inch pots. 

This product is very dry. We recommend soaking it in water overnight before you re-pot. Make sure any leftovers are completely dry before storing.

Please NOTE: Due to the organic nature of this product we cannot ship outside of Canada.




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