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Chilean Sphagnum Moss 400g - Ravenvision Orchid Supplies

Chilean Sphagnum Moss 400g

  • $25.00

Ships to Canada OnlySphagnum is by far the best media fo moisture loving plants and many seedlings. This Three Star Chilean long strand moss will last about a year, depending on your watering pattern. Use it alone or mixed with other media to increase moisture content.

Soak the moss for several minutes until it is fully re-hydrated, squeeze water out, and then tease the strands apart before filling the pot. Do not over pack the pot.
This is a compressed brick measuring 30cm X 30cm X 5cm. When it is expanded, it will fill up to 30 five-inch pots.

Please NOTE: Due to the organic nature of this product we cannot ship outside of Canada.

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