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Hydroton clay nodules can be used in a number of applications. They can be used in potting, or for improvement of the media you are currently using.

Hydroton vary in size but are around 8 to 12 mm in diameter.  They have a high absorption rate and can hold water up to 80% of it’s volume

It is a pure and natural mineral without additives. It has a coarse porosity.

It does not rot, is weather and frost resistant. It is completely odourless and clean, free of fungus and parasites.

It can be mixed with other orchid media, or be used on it’s own (under the right growing conditions).  


  • 100% mineral and inorganic.
  • chemically neutral, structurally stable, odourless and germ free
  • resistant to rotting, decay ad decomposition.
  • no danger of soil-borne pests
  • encourages stronger root growth. 




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