Ravenvision is located on territory governed by the Huron Tract Treaty of 1827, an agreement made between eighteen Anishnaabek chiefs and the Canada Company, an agency of the British crown. This land is traditional hunting and fishing grounds, shared and cared for by the Anishnaabe, the Haudenosaunee, the Algonquin, and the Neutrals. We are grateful for the privilege of living, working, and gathering as uninvited guests on this land, and we honour and celebrate its original caretakers, acknowledged and unacknowledged, recorded and unrecorded.

Can you hear them too?

The care and culture of orchids is not difficult, but requires a few specific items. We are pleased to offer an excellent selection of top quality supplies to help the hobby grower. Here you will find clear plastic pots and a variety of potting media. Most of our products can be shipped all over the world, but some (like sphagnum moss, Orchiata, and mixes) cannot be shipped out of Canada due to their organic nature. Phytosanitary certification needed for export is not available at this time.

To our American customers: Please note our prices are in Canadian Dollars. The exchange rate right now is quite favorable. Even with shipping, we are quite competitive with most American vendors. Please also note, as mentioned above, not all our products can be shipped to the USA.

We are happy to be able to continue offering quality growing supplies to Canadians in these times. We do not have a conventional store front, but rather operate out of our home. Therefore we are unable to receive customers inside at this time. However, we do offer free curbside pick-up from our Stratford location (24/7).



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