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The Basics

  • We are located in Stratford Ontario.  We do not have a conventional store front, and operate out of our home.   Therefore we are unable to receive customers inside  at this time, but are able to do self-serve pick-ups from our location at anytime (24/7).
  • Canadian owned and operated.
  • Look for us at orchid shows in central Canada (when they start up again)
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What We Do

Our primary target market is hobby orchid growers.  We carry an extensive line of pots and growing media for people growing at home, on a windowsill, under lights,  or in small greenhouses.  We also carry a growing line of accessories and additives   Our goal is to provide amateur growers with everything they need to feed their passion and successfully bloom these wonders of nature. 


For most of our lives, we have been fascinated by orchids.  Like many, growing orchids became a passion.  There are many great commercial growers our there, so we chose to express our passion in other ways.  Initially, Ravenvision was solely a photography enterprise.  Our founders, Jay and Robin (see below) captured the beauty of orchids to be shared through art prints, greeting cards and other forms.  At orchid shows and art fairs, we quickly found that we spent a lot of time talking to people about orchids and orchid culture, and less time selling art.  We saw an opportunity.  Starting with fir bark and sphagnum moss, we gradually grew our line to a point where helping people grow prize winning blooms is now our primary focus.  In 2007 we launch our fledgling web-store.  In the intervening years we have grown to become the preeminent online purveyor of orchid supplies in Canada. 


Our People

Jay Norris and Robin Mclaughlin are Ontario based photographers whose shared ornithological names and art medium are the inspiration for their creative collaboration, Ravenvision. Both studied their craft in Ontario, and are members of the American Orchid Society (AOS) and the Southern Ontario Orchid Society. Jay is the photographer for the Toronto Judging Center of the AOS and his work has been published in Awards Quarterly, Orchids (Journal of the AOS), Orchid Digest and Ultimate Orchid (created in association with the Smithsonian Institution and the AOS). He also serves on the Species Identification Task Force for the AOS. Robin's diverse photographic interests range from urban landscape to botanical details. Her (no so) secret passion for Canada's Newfoundland prompted her to start graceharbour.ca as a tribute to that great province. Together their works showcase their photographic artistry and the inherent beauty of their subjects.

Jay Norris.

Robin Mclaughlin

Maxwell T. Wilson is the webmaster and manages our online presence.

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