Jeffrey's Hoya Mix

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Designed by Jeffrey Ferguson at Hoya Obsessed (Facebook group), this mix is ideal for Hoyas when grown in self-watering planters and pots.  Jeffrey's ingenious formula combines green zeolite, black lava rock, and Orchiata (Pinus radiatus bark) creating a well draining media that your Hoyas will love.  Please note, it is quite heavy (0.9 kg/l), so make sure your shelving can support the weight. It is designed for self-watering planters, so be careful of fertilizer levels to avoid root burn. Available in 1 litre and 3 litre bags. Given the many designs of self-watering pots, we recommend sifting this mix prior to use in a kitchen seive to remove small particulates so that it does not stay too wet and ‘clog’ (for lack of a better description) the pot resulting in the media staying too wet which can lead to potential root loss.  There is no fertilizer in this mix.  



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