New Zealand Sphagnum 100g

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100g highly compressed dried moss expands to 8 litres when hydrated

Superior to Chilean sphagnum, New Zealand sphagnum is grown and sustainably harvested in isolated swamps on the west coast of New Zealand. Harvested only every 5 years and flown out by helicopter to further protect the environment, this harvest is overseen by a NZ Government agency to ensure a sustainable renewable resource.

In pots, this incredible media will last two years or longer (Chilean is good for 1 year) depending on your watering. It can be used alone or mixed with other media to increase moisture retention. It can hold 20 times its weight in water, and has known antiseptic properties to protect your plants.100g Sphagnum

Soak the moss for 5 minutes. 100g Sphagnum 100g Sphagnum




Then squeeze out the excess water. Gently tease apart the fibers before filling the pot. 100g Sphagnum

DO NOT OVER PACK, there should still be air spaces in the media or the roots will suffocate, killing the plant.

This brick fills 6 five-inch pots 100g Sphagnum

Please NOTE: Due to the organic nature of this product we cannot ship outside of Canada.



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