Pumice Stone

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Ships to Canada OnlyVolcanic Rock. 3 litres

Suitable for Cattleyas, Laelias, Lycastes, Cymbidiums, Coelogyne, and more.

Pumice is ideal for orchid growing - a lightweight, inorganic, highly porous growing media holding 25 to 50% of its weight in water, offering excellent air circulation.  It is great for orchids that resent disturbance since repotting is only required when pots are outgrown.  Pumice does not decay: it crumbles slightly over many years.  Change every few years.  Use alone or mixed with 10% Sphagnum Moss soaked and well torn up.  Plastic or glazed pots are best as they retain moisture.  Pumice changes colour when dry, making it easier to know when to water

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